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We can make a corporate explainer video of 2 minutes or less complete with licensed music, voice overs, interviews of principals, aerial video and more for just $899. Most small companies get 60% or more of their business online and 65% of all online traffic is now video. We'll let you do the math but it's safe to say that if you are not doing homepage video, you are losing business.


What's Your Company's Story?

"Companies with video on their homepage receive 20% higher customer conversions" - Com Source

Ninety percent of the company websites in this country do not have a high quality video that articulates the company's story and it is our mission to change that. The first thing your customers want to know when visiting your website is what's your story. Static pictures, slide shows and even videos showing products being used and clips don't convey your story.

Stories are about people and the best story wins in business.

Potential customers want to see interviews with your employees, your leadership, your customers and they want to feel like they have toured your facility. They want to know your value proposition. Converting potential customers into customers is as simple as winning their trust. Do that and you've got a committed customer and one that converts faster and tells their friends, too!

Testimonials from satisfied customers is a core attribute with all of our video productions. We set up the lights, cameras and microphones and simply let your customers talk and, you know what, a funny thing happens, they say pieces of pure unsolicited and unscripted gold every time. Another very important thing happens as well, they feel more bonded to your company than ever before which is a residual benefit that occurs every time we film a company's customers.


Video works 24/7/365 with no days off and it will tell your company's story perfectly every time. Even your employees that understand your mission statement, goals, objectives and value proposition could not repeat your story to your potential customers so perfectly every time.

Honestly, what are you waiting for? Call Sly Dog Productions today at 406-425-2742 and let's take your company to the next level!

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