Broadcast Television Production Bozeman, MT

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Broadcast Television Production Throughout Montana and the Western United States

Sly Dog Production has vast experience in creating nationally broadcast television production for networks such as the BBC, FOX and Discovery Channel and shows like Military Makeover, Designing Spaces, Gold Rush and FOX Business News Inside the Blueprint.

Sly Dog Production creates teams, including Emmy award winning cameramen, Emmy award winning producers, writers and editors that can create high quality shows for your network or provide equipment, cameramen, audio, lighting and everything required.

"Our broadcast television production services can help your network, company or brand create great television content", says Rusty Squire, President of Sly Dog Production.

Broadcast television production is highly specialized and requires quality equipment and personnel. "So much television today is sub-par when it comes to production quality because there are so many networks and unlimited content being produced", says Squire. He adds, "We pride ourselves on bringing highly experienced crews to the table that do create better content, that is our strength".

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