Our Team

Bozeman’s Top Rated Local® Video Production

Our Team

We carefully select the subcontractors we work with, they are hand-picked and highly experienced. The team you see pictured above has over 125 years of combined experience, a level of experience you simply won't find all in one company.

Meet Our Camera Operators, Pilots and Video Team

The Best Subcontractors In The Business - Our Philosophy

Our companies philosophy is that you get the very best work out of the very best freelancers. Low paid salaried in-house employees generally don't do the best work.

This is why we choose not to have all our work performed in-house. This allows us to go out and hire the very best sound engineers, makeup artists, production assistants amd A cameras with decades of experience.

We've worked with people like Brad White of Square Pictures in Scottsdale, Arizona and David Routt of Paint It Black TV Productions in Chandler, Arizona. Locally we hire people like Randy Wimberg of Wimberg Productions or Will Springsted, one of the best sound engineers in Bozeman or people like makeup artists Jessika Hobart.

We hand pick our crews and this gives us greater flexibility and we know the work quality and culture we get when we hire these people.

We assemble entire crews in cities like Denver, Phoenix, Tucson, Sacramento and elsewhere when we are filming larger projects, broadcast television or corporate videos.

The reason we do this is because we get better quality and it generally saves our clients time and money.