Bozeman’s Top Rated Local® Video Production

Basic Pricing Options**

  • Corporate Video Production Bozeman
    Director of Photography

    ​Sony FS5ii 4K Raw Cinema $100/hr. (4 hr. minimum)

    Day rate with cameraman $1,000 per day

  • Corporate Video Production Montana
    Aerial Drone – Inspire with Zenmuse X5 camera

    ​Licensed, insured $1 million with FAA licenses and all registration, micro four-thirds cameras

    Day rate with cameraman/FAA Licensed pilot $1,000 per day/$100/hr. (4 hr. Minimum)

  • Corporate Video Production Montana

    (super fast computers with Davinci Resolve) $75/hr.

  • Corporate Video Production Montana

    ​Dracast 500 LED’s With Gels*  $150 per day

    * – not for rent, this is simply the day rate

  • Corporate Video Production Montana
    Sony a7sii with monitor Cameraman

    $90/hr. (4 hr. minimum)

    Day rate with cameraman/$800 per day

  • Corporate Video Production Montana
    Professional Makeup Artist

    $450 per day/ half day minimum

  • Corporate Video Production Montana
    Professional Sound Engineer

    $450 per day/ half-day minimum

  • Corporate Video Production Montana
    Production Assistant

    ​$300 per day

    Assists with lighting, sound, cameras

How To Calculate My Cost For Video

​You want a video production made for your business, so how much will it cost? This can be a nebulous question because you need to determine if you want cheap or good and they are far from the same thing. A better question is how good will it be? Everybody has a nephew whose a photographer or friend who shoots video. The only problem is they are not real professionals most of the time. They don’t have national broadcast experience and they haven’t worked for large companies. Why? Quite simply national broadcast television and larger corporate entities tend to highly vet their selections based upon equipment and experience.

A well defined storyboard, or shot sequence, makes our time more efficient

Most companies don’t spend enough time defining their goals on the front-end and then building a solid story board that defines their unique value proposition. It’s the time spent on the front-end screwing everything down that leads to great outcomes.

​Editing & Uploading

​On average it requires three hours worth of editing for every hour of video production. In the above example we had 45 minutes of drone time and two hours of film crew time for a total of two hours 45 minutes. Editing, film transferring, and uploading will likely take seven hours. A full seven hours of edits is $350 billed at $50 per hour.

​Let’s say this production was done in Big Sky and it was a one trip shoot. The travel cost round trip to Big Sky from the list below is $80.

We can calculate the total cost of this production by adding together these components:

Travel time $80
​Drone time $75
​Crew time $150
​Editing time $350
Total Video Cost $655

​This is a good methodology for estimating video cost.
** – travel charges may apply. No travel charges for Bozeman, Belgrade, Gallatin Gateway (outside the canyon mouth) or Manhattan. Travel charge $80 for Livingston, Ennis and Big Sky. Travel charges $150 per day for the remainder of Montana, Idaho or Wyoming. Travel charges can be shared if multiple listings are grouped together to be shot all in one day.

​Additional Charges: The prices above do not include any re-edits. If you decide you want to be an editor, we can accommodate you, but the cost is $50 per re-edit and re-upload. We also cannot accommodate video footage you want that was not acquired during the initial shoot if it was not given to us on a shot checklist. If a re-shoot is required, then travel costs apply along with a minimum of $100 for the re-shoot. We highly recommend that all Realtors give us a checklist of the shots they would like so nothing gets missed.