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Custom Online Training Videos That Work by Sly Dog Production

Custom online training videos are one of our specialties here at Sly Dog Production.

Recently we completed a 12 series video course for Family Systems Trauma, which is an online course for mental health counselors. Here is what Dr. Scott Sells of FST had to say about Sly Dog Production, "Rusty provides more than excellent video production and creative expertise. He understands sales and knows how to guide video production to advance your business goals."

Dr. Sells further added in Google reviews the following, "Rusty went the extra mile. One of the greatest customer service experience I have ever had!". It's pretty tough for us to tell you anything better than what Dr. Scott Sells had to say about us above.

"Most people in video production are all creatives, they don't have the marketing and selling expertise", says Rusty Squire, President of Sly Dog Production. He adds, "Fortunately I bring 38 years of business experience to the table and that makes all the difference; all videographers are not created equal and, unfortunately, many clients believe they are".

Custom online training videos have to be intensively planned, it's not just what you are going to say, it's how you say it, how you look, matching the setting to the message, using professional lighting and makeup to put forth the "best you" in your custom online training videos.

"I've told people consistently that cheap and good are not the same thing", says Squire. He adds, "With custom online training videos the old adage that you only get one chance to create a first impression is tantamount to your success".

"For higher-end training video productions that need to be really customized we can bring in Emmy award winning writers, producer and cameramen to create the ultimate in quality production", says Squire. He adds, "We really do have all of the tools for productions of any scale".

The process for creating custom online training videos starts with the intro story, the chapters, then location scouting, talent practice and using advanced tools like split beam glass teleprompters that enforce the presenter maintaining eye contact throughout the presentation.

If you'd like help from real experts creating your next custom online training videos then simply contact Rusty Squire at Sly Dog Production at 406-425-2742.

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