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Montana Live Streaming Services Provided By Sly Dog Production A Good Alternative

Montana live streaming services by Sly Dog Production is a great alternative way to still host events that everyone can be involved in.

"With the advent of coronavirus we have received a lot of requests for live streaming educational workshops, training events and any type of live production that can help deliver content without public gatherings", says Rusty Squire, President of Sly DOg Production. He adds, "You don't have to cancel your training or event, simply live stream it so people can watch it on YouTube or Facebook".

"Nobody knows how long this type of self-quaratine behaviors will occur but the CDC said that a vaccine is potentially a year off so businesses are going to need to find a way to keep doing business", says Squire. He adds, "Montana Live streaming services is the perfect solution for delivering high production value meeting, conferences or preasentations without having to cancel them".


To live stream you need a fast hard wired internet connection, a powerful laptop, a multi-camera switching device and a full-time producer operating the stream. "It adds one additional person to the typical production crew but two cameras can be tended by a single camera operator, so realistically you can create professional quality live streams with just a two person crew".

Using live streaming technology reduces the risk of travel and gathering in crowded rooms because all you need is a presenter, a cameraman and a producer to go live with the same presentation be it a conference, a speech or an education session.


Montana live streaming can travel outside the State of Montana to neighboring States like Idaho, the Dakota's, Wyoming or even Utah if your event has the budget.

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