We have our video production costs specifically formulated into tables for real estate video, business video and 3-D mapping, making it easy to understand what your costs will be right out of the gate. Checkout real estate video pricing here. Checkout business video pricing here. Check out our 3-D Mapping pricing here.

Everybody always asks us the question, “So, what will my video production cost?” That all depends upon the amount of resources and time it will take to create it. The vast majority of professional video companies do not have the equipment or the FAA approvals to legally produce for you the types of videos we can, especially the aerial shot videos. A lot of them lie about their qualifications, but you can smoke them out by asking for their FAA license and insurance – this eliminates the posers and there are lots of them.

We charge $950 per day per person and this charge includes all of the videographer’s equipment and local travel. If we are traveling outside Montanawhich we do a lotthen commensurate travel charges will also apply.

We make a lot of small business videos for $900 or less, and real estate videos for $599, so we are not just a large project company or a company that overcharges for the product – there are lots of those, too.

We have tens of thousands of dollars invested in equipment, including video drone equipment, carry $2 million in commercial general liability, and have years of experience.

​We use the fastest computers possible, greatly accelerating the editing and video production process.

For editing, the charge is $50 per hour.

Videos can be completed for as little as $300 for real estate and up to $30,000 or more for companies and/or documentaries. It all depends upon how involved your final product is, and how many shoots and how much editing is involved.