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Updated June 27, 2017

VIDEO TYPE:​                                                     DESCRIPTION:​                                                     PRICE:

Ranch Video                      We spend a half-day filming all aspects of your ranch with our high-end         $1499.00**

​                                             equipment and a two person crew with sound equipment, full frame

​                                                          cameras and Inspire drone with Zenmuse X5 camera (not a toy drone).

                                                          We add licensed music, licensed stock footage professional voiceovers

                                                          and spend a lot of time​ editing and perfecting the film.

​Platinum Home Video     Done to the highest quality standards. The same we use for our ranch          $  799.00**

​                                             videos, just for houses. We spend hours filming all aspects and do artistic

​                                                          shots and even shooting off location if needed.

​Gold Home Video             Our most popular video package, great product at a greatprice.  Same         $   599.00**

​                                                           interior and exterior quality, just no custom off site shooting.

** - A surcharge of $30.00 will be added to all videos that do not pay immediately or use 30 day net terms.     

What We Do That Most Competitors Do Not and Why It Is Better:

1.) We use higher end drones with micro four-thirds processors for better images and film

2.) We allow you to have a say in edits

3.) We allow you to do a custom voice over yourself and film you on location with voice

4.) We carry $2 million in insurance so if something goes wrong you aren't left holding the bag.

5.) We have FAA licenses.

6.) We have more drone flying experience, multiple years for major clientele

7.) We have lightening fast turnaround thanks to our investments in very high-end computers.

8.) We use external monitors to allow you to see the composition live on location.

9.) We understand real estate, we have been brokers and developers.


We get asked by a lot by agents if we will video a property and defer our payment until closing. Sure, but that is asking us to take on the risk that the property sells prior to a listing expiration.

​For 1/4% of the selling price we will do this.

​So, on a $400,000 listing, you will now be paying us $1,000 for the video instead of $599. Thus you are better off just paying for the marketing expenses upfront but if you can't do it, we understand, but realize that asking us to take higher risk means we require a higher return. Pretty simple premise straight from the investment world.

​If the home doesn't sell and you lose the listing, you will still owe us the regular contract price of $599 due and payable immediately,