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Ranch video is a specialty here at Sly Dog Production, heck we're in Montana and have lived here for almost four decades, so go figure. We get it with ranches.

Ranches are both an investment and a lifestyle decision. Recreational ranch pricing has gone far beyond what working ranches can pay per acre and make a go of it, so in many instances these ranches are being purchased by a clientele that has deep pockets and is more interested in the recreation value - hunting, fishing - and strictly as a place to park some of their wealth. They buy ranches with mountain view shed corridors, trout streams, privacy and proximity to transportation which, quite simply, explains why the Bozeman area of the northern Rockies has seen so much imported wealth.

Understanding the conservation and recreation value of the land is of tantamount importance, along with water rights. "Whiskey is for drinking but water is for fighting" - Source unknown. Many buyers will use tactically complex strategies combining conservation easements with 1031 tax deferred property exchanges allowing them to get into these properties for dimes on the dollar - SMART!

Ranches require a lot of due diligence and aerial drones are a wonderful way to give a portion of that due diligence, that and the County courthouse.