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Aerial Thermal Imaging

** - travel charges may apply. No travel charges for Bozeman, Belgrade, Gallatin Gateway (outside the canyon mouth) or Manhattan. Travel charge $80 for Livingston, Ennis and Big Sky. Travel charges $150 per day for the remainder of Montana, Idaho or Wyoming. Travel charges can be shared if multiple listings are grouped together to be shot all in one day.

​Additional Charges: The prices above do not include any re-edits. If you decide you want to be an editor we can accommodate you but the cost is $50 per re-edit and re-upload. We also cannot accommodate footage you want that was not acquired during the initial shoot if it was not given to us on a shot checklist. If a re-shoot is required than travel costs apply along with a minimum of $100 for the re-shoot. We highly recommend that all Realtors give us a checklist of the shots they would like so nothing gets missed.



                                            Film Crew                                                      Aerial Drone Crew                                                             Editing

​(4k cameras, microphones, lights, tripods, recorders and         (licensed, insured $2 million with FAA paperwork                         (super fast computers with high-end

​                                        all equipment)                                               and all registration, high-end micro four-thirds                                    video processing software)

                                                                                                                               cameras, cameras with zoom)

​                              ​    $75/hr.                               $100/hr.                                    $50/hr.

How To Calculate My Cost For Video

​You want a video production made for your business, so how much will it cost? A good rule of thumb for businesses with locations are important to know is this: You'll need about 45 minutes of drone time to gain establishing shots; these shots show your location to the world and capture people's attention. The 45 minutes of drone time is $75.

A well defined storyboard, or shot sequence makes out time more efficient

​For a 2 to 3 minute video it will require 2 hours of film crew time. The more involved and the longer your shot list, the more time it will take. Some businesses need video over a period of months that may require multiple visits. If you require 2 hours of crew time that is $150.

Editing & Uploading

On average it requires 3 hours worth of editing for every hour of production. In the above example we had 45 minutes of drone time and 2 hours of film crew time for a total of 2 hours 45 minutes. Editing, film transfer and uploading will likely take 7 hours.  A full 7 hours of edits is $350 billed at $50 per hour.

​Let's say this production was done in Big Sky and it was a one trip shoot. The travel cost roundtrip to Big Sky from the list below is $80.

We can calculate the total cost of this production by adding together these components:

Travel time      $80

​Drone time      $75

​Crew time          $150

​Editing time        $350

Total Video Cost $655

​This is a good methodology for estimating video cost.