DJI Inspire 1 Professional-

The most photographically advanced and sophisticated drone ever made. The Zenmuse X5 camera offers the world-class  aerial photography and cinematography. Higher quality glass and lens make this camera simply the best. The legs retract allowing the camera to pivot 360 degrees with no obstruction.

Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G Lens

This is a full frame Sony lens designed specifically for video. It offers 5-axis image stabilization and is great for zooming long range. The glass quality allows for tack sharp video in 4k and it is superb for sports and lifestyle shots along with slow motion images.

Bozeman Video production

Sony 24-70mm Zeiss Lens

An awesome lens for interviews and intermediate range shots. A "go to" lens for business video production.

Zenmuse X5 Camera Series- 

With the Zenmuse X5 series, you have the world’s first set of Micro Four Thirds cameras built specifically for aerial photography and cinematography. Bringing unparalleled imaging quality together with integrated 3-axis gimbal stabilization and remarkable ease of use, each offers a level of quality never seen before in an integrated drone camera.

Rode Video Mic Pro R

Unparalleled sound quality in stereo surpassing the best available mics of just a generation ago. For sound, this thing kicks it.

DJI Osmo Professional -

A 3 way gimbal for unparalleled ground based filming in up to 4k and photos at 18MP. Add the X5 camera and this device changes the game for weddings, family reunions and action sports filming. No more shaky, choppy video even in motion you get perfectly smooth footage every time. Micro-four thirds processor.

Fastest Video Processing Computer in the West

128 GB Ram, MSI GX 970 Graphics Card, Intel i7 5820 chip set with hyper-thread, solid state drives - this thing smokes through renderings even in 4k.

Aerial Videography

Aerial Still Photography

Aerial Thermal Imaging

Rokinon 10mm 3.1 DS Cine Lens - Wide Angle Beast

115 degree field of view makes this an incredible lens for shooting home interiors, time lapse and up-close slow motion shots.This makes interior tours for real estate very realistic but it is not a fish eye lens so it does not distort.

Montana Video Production

Commercial Aerial Video

Still Photography

DJI Phantom 4 Professional-

The new Phantom 4 offers advanced image quality and resolution along with the most sophisticated anti-collision system of any drone on the market. Bob Marquiss is the Phantom 4 Pro expert and shoots with this bird.

Sony a7s ii 4k Camera -

The most advanced run and gun 4k cinematography camera on the market today. Shoots 4k full frame with no external recorder.  5 axis stabilization, time lapses and slow motion up to 120 frames per second makes this camera a go-to tool for real estate, documentaries and action sports. Incredible low light performance.

Zoom 8 Multi-track field recorder

​Get professional quality audio results in a multi-microphone environment that will meet the most rigorous professional standards.

Sennheiser Remote Microphones -

The same microphones used by the nightly news and many of your favorite television shows. They get great quality voice while being completely invisible. This insures that your film and voice are perfectly synced.

MeFoto Tripods & Monopods - 

We use MeFoto tripods for filming and photography for image stabilization at slower shutter speeds and for videography Featured Aerial Photgraphy Drone Pilot - Bozeman, Montana

DJI Phantom 3 Professional - 

We have two DJI Phantom 3 Professionals in our fleet. These quad copters shoot video up to 4k and still photos at 12 MP. They are well suited to action based sports like skiing and have follow-me, way point and point of interest automatic flying capabilities meaning filming becomes the focus, rather than flying and filming.

LimoStudio 3 Point Lighting -

For portrait photography, indoor videography and indoor photography three-point lighting is essential to maintain a natural color balance and good depth of field.  For corporate video's, weddings and events this is an essential part of our equipment.

DJI Ronin MX Three-Axis Gimbal

Stabilizes larger DSLR and cinematography cameras up to 12

​pounds to offer incredibly smooth video on the fly. Great for real estate tours, weddings, sports and a wide variety of filming where unique perspectives can contribute to production quality,