Sony FS5 With Atomos Ninja Inferno – 10-Bit Color Up To 4K

Montana television production crew is just one phone call away. We can bring DP’s, Drones, makeup artists, sound professionals, lighting, production assistants and all of the equipment including Ronin’s, jibs, sliders and camera cranes to the production set.

Our company has shot national broadcast television shows for Brandstar Communications including several episodes of the show Military Makeover.

We have all of the professionals available so you don’t have to chase down subcontractors online that may, or may not, be reliable and experienced.

One of our A cameramen Randy Wimberg of Wimberg Productions, shot the television series Mountain Man and he has several decades of experience including a 10 year stint in Hollywood where he worked as an underwater member of the film team for the movie Titanic. As a DP Randy brings a load of television experience to the table and he is a great guy who helps all members of a crew do there jobs better.


Our company is in the fortunate position of having personnel that are well cross-trained. On both episodes of Military makeover we combine the roles of B cameraman with drone pilot because our B cameraman is FAA licensed. This made it possible for our client to get the establishing drone shots they needed without breaking the bank on another day rate, they simply were charged the B camera day rate. This saves our clients money.

Our cameramen are well versed in lighting and provide all soft boxes, sandbags and setup all lighting equipment, so we do not have the need to hire dedicated lighting professionals. This saves our clients money.

In summary, we can put together a highly experienced crew for a reasonable budget to film your next broadcast television production. Our Montana television production crew travels all over the western United States and we have assembled full crews in as little as 7 days notice.

We download all of your media – sounds files, A & B camera footage and drone footage – prior to our departure or we can send you a hard drive by express mail with all collateral for your show the very next day.

If you would like to inquire about arranging a crew for your next broadcast television show then simply contact Rusty Squire at Sly Dog Production at 406-425-2742. One call does it all.