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3D Mapping - Accuracy and Savings

3D Mapping allows you to accurately measure material quantities moved every day on large construction projects. This allows both the contractor and the project owner to have very accurate data and that leads to fairness and equity in cost. It's that simple.


​We fly our drones on an automated grid. The drone takes lots of pictures and uses it's GPS and several surveyed control points to produce accurate three dimensional maps that measure precise quantities of material moved or changes from the prior day. We can deliver what ever percentage of overlap and resolution the project requires.


Russ Squire was past President of the largest building trade association in Montana and Bob Marquiss has spent 30 years in ranching and mining. Both are pilots. They have done work for several large regional architects, engineering firms and they have filmed for the California State University system, Scripps Institute, University of San Diego, Minnesota State University, ReMax, Berkshire Hathaway, Christie's International and a long list of clients.


We carry $2 million in commercial general liability per aircraft, which is important because it leaves you well covered as the customer. We also have a track record of zero claims, meaning we have not ever had an accident requiring a claim - Good to Know!


3-D Mapping offers huge cost savings over traditional surveying and gives clients and developers a way to more closely monitor projects making certain that quantities and work accomplished are very closely monitored - ON A DAILY BASIS. This level of service and quality control has never before been available at such a reasonable price. Anybody who deals with expenses generated by using large quantity of aggregates should definitely consider 3-D mapping as a tool to help them more accurately manage projects and save them a significant amount of money. It allows you to know on a daily basis information that was previously not available or, where you had to rely upon the honesty of a third-party contractor, in other words, you were flying blind.

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