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Employee education, or the education of members by non-profit groups, is far more effective when you capture your best presentation - ONCE. That is what video does!

Time is money and when it comes to freeing up the employee resources of your business or non-profit nothing is more effective than developing serious employee or member education. What employee video education does is give back enormous amounts of productive time to the people that run your organization allowing them to focus on more important tasks, like finding more business, more members and other activities that are the lifeblood off businesses and non-profit's alike.

Having to repeat these same topics over and over again every time there is a new member, or a new hire, is very time consuming. Having education videos frees up hundreds of hours for the employees charged with handling customer or member education. It's pretty safe to say that customer, employee and member training videos is an investment that has an immediate payback.

As an employee video production company, Sly Dog Production can help your company  make an impact  with employees, customers or members.

The other beautiful fact about employee training videos is that they are available 24/7/365 right on your website. No appointments, no scheduling conflicts, no hassle. Honestly, there is not a bigger win/win for companies of all types.