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Legends at Bridger Creek Bozeman, Montana

Montana Video Production

Aerial Video

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Farran Capital - Grand Avenue Billings, Montana

Springhill Reserve Phase 1, Lot 1 View Shed

We hold two FAA 333 Exemptions for aerial video and still photography meaning we can legally do commercial aerial photography.


We Accept

East Main Partners, LLC Featured Aerial Photgraphy Drone Pilot - Bozeman, Montana

Give Every Visitor To Your Development Website a 360 Degree View Shed of Every Lot!

We can do precise geo-points and altitude to give you the shots you need for 3-D rendering. Our flight screen gives us precise altitude and latitude and longitude data. Our drones are a vastly more cost-effective option to traditional aerial photography saving you hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars over planes or helicopters.

We can also create photo sequences needed for 3-D rendering in AutoDesk and other popular architectural software. We can shoot .jpg or RAW images. 

We can fly up to 400 feet above ground level and our drones are equipped with sophisticated GPS systems allowing accurate location and altitude for shots. Whether it is real estate development, skyscrapers, commercial development or anything in between we can deliver the kind of photos that will help make your project a great success. CHECK OUT OUR SLIDESHOWS BELOW!