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*We hold two FAA 333 exemptions for both aerial and still photography meaning we are legally able to fly commercially. Businesses using non-FAA 333 exempt pilots can be fined up to $10,000 for infractions.

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Contract for Services

This contract for video production services is hereby made between _______________, hereinafter called purchaser and Sly Dog Production, PLLC a Montana Professional Limited Liability Company, hereinafter called provider.

Provider agrees to supply all equipment and expertise necessary to produce a video production featuring the purchaser's business, home or property of the duration as agreed upon under the Services page of Sly Dog Production's website.

Purchaser agrees to compensate the provider as of the terms of this agreement. The specified purchase price is $__________. Purchaser further agrees to compensate the provider for travel costs, including, but not limited to, airfare, rental car, meals and compensation for travel time both to and from the project, if the project is outside Gallatin, Park or Madison Counties of Montana.
Purchaser fully understands that the provider is not responsible for inclement weather and that production costs are $1,499.00 per day if the provider has traveled to a location and cannot film as a result thereof.

In the event that this contract is made with a Realtor as the purchaser then the provider agrees to finance 50% of the total compensation agreed upon until escrow closing if the production is of a home listed for less than $1 million dollars in the State of Montana only. The purchaser agrees than a 10% surcharge will be added by the provider to the unpaid balance financed for the term until closing.

Furthermore, if the provider creates a video production for a purchaser and the purchaser subsequently loses the listing, or the listing expires, then the remaining balance on the contract becomes immediately payable in full to the provider.

Purchaser agrees to make every effort to have the video subject completely ready to film for the provider upon arrival, meaning that homes, businesses or the subject of the video will be clean, free from clutter and ready to be filmed.

Provider agrees to furnish the purchaser with a finished video product no less than 5 days after the completion of all filming. Provider further agrees to upload the video to YouTube and furnish embed code for the purchaser to use. 

The provider further agrees that the purchaser will have sole and exclusive license to all content used in their production with the exception of stock footage the provider utilizes that is related to lifestyle elements.

The purchaser agrees to idemnify and hold harmless the provider for any circumstances related to weather and travel costs incurred by the provider.

The provider agrees to provide the purchaser with a refund in the event that production is called off prior to travel, however the provider shall not be responsible for redeeming out-of-pocket travel expenses paid for by the purchaser that are non-redeemable.
This represents the sum and total of the agreement between the parties.


(X)_______________________________             (X)______________________________
_________________________________               Rusty Squire, Sly Dog Production, PLLC  
Purchaser Name & Signature