Branding videos: It sounds simple, and it should be intuitive, but you need to show customers your value proposition. It should be something that you can state clearly in three sentences or less that clearly shows your value and differentiates you from your competition.

​Some branding videos might sell a unique resource or an area, like Michael Thomas of Christie’s PureWest in Big Sky, Montana. Michael sells the western outdoor recreation lifestyle. On the other hand, it might be like Jan King who sells her three decades worth of experience and her ability to offer professional staging and video, something very few agents offer because they don’t want to absorb the cost of real marketing.

​In the case of Bozeman Dentist, Advanced Dentistry, branding came in the form of a really cute little girl named Evy. If Evy and her parents can trust Advanced Dentistry than so can you and their two decades of experience and satisfied customers are testimony to this fact.

​Whether you offer a service, a physical product or some combination of the two people want to make sure of two things before they ever hire you: 1.) It will save them time and/or 2.) it will save them money. Preferably it will be both. Trust relationships are consummated on being true t your word and the terms of your branding statement, or value proposition.


​It has to be on the homepage of your website above the fold. This is your masterpiece of selling customers based upon your value. It should be on your homepage and on every social media and video site possible. You want more customers, right?