What Makes Sly Dog Production Stand Out

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Bozeman, Montana Video Production

Thanks for stopping by our blog. If you’re looking for more information about Sly Dog Production, you’ve come to the right place. 

About Sly Dog Production
We are a full-service video production company in Bozeman, MT, and specialize in finding great crews and the best production talent, including Emmy award-winning writers, producers, editors, and camerapersons. We currently have two full-time employees and dozens of talented subcontractors who help us achieve new feats every day.

We’ve been in business for eight successful years and have worked with celebrity Michael Keaton for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Montana Governor Steve Bullock. It’s always fun to work with celebrities as their expectations are challenging and exciting.

Presently, we operate all across the western United States and have filmed in Montana, California, Wyoming, Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Minnesota, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. We are also willing to travel anywhere in the world to help out our clients as long as they have the budget for it.

To book an appointment with us, clients can either reach out to us online or visit our offices and studio in Bozeman, which are open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. from Monday through Friday. During a production project, we work any day of the week, depending upon your shooting schedules. 

The Sly Dog Production Difference
Today, every video company has internal employees capable of the basics of production. However, at Sly Dog Production, we hire innovative and skilled subcontractors, many of whom have won Emmy awards.

We assemble the best resources, which is why TV programs like Designing Spaces, Military Makeover, and FOX Business News Inside the Blueprint rely upon us. Several of our regular subcontractors are Emmy award winners, including David Routt and Brad White.

Our competitors do not have access to the kind of subcontractors that we do, as approaching other producers is not part of their business model. They tend to operate on a more traditional business model with employees and sometimes local subcontractors. At Sly Dog Production, we look for the best talent, regardless of their location.

We are proud of how far we’ve come over the years in the production industry, which is the result of our determination and passion for filming and producing. Our willingness to adopt new technology early on, as we did with drones in 2011 and our desire to keep learning new skills and methods, has given us an even bigger edge over our competitors.

We have filmed over a dozen television shows for Brandstar last year, which was a big feat for us. But, we are also proud of the hard work we put into production projects for local businesses and real estate companies.

Our dreams for the future are to work on more corporate branding and local business videos. We believe that our national broadcast experience can bring a lot to the table for local companies. And, if they have the budget to create high-quality productions, then we have the team members and equipment to execute their vision.

As a business, our philosophy is to take good care of our best talent to create a culture of collaboration. We pay our team members well, cover their travel, and often take them fishing in Montana at private locations. To build a strong team spirit, we’ve also hosted team member dinner parties and taken our team members out on guided Montana fishing trips.

Besides looking out for our clients and our staff, we like to contribute towards a better environment as well. We recycle paper at our offices, reuse ink cartridges, and purchase used camera gear to reduce the creation of waste. We’ve also donated hundreds of hours to local charities over the years to empower our community and build a brighter future.

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