Bozeman Video Production

In Bozeman, few video production companies specialize in specific types of video we do — we specialize in real estate and business videos. Sure, they can film and edit video, but where are they going to get legal aerial video? Do they have hundreds of licensed soundtracks and hundreds of pieces of licensed lifestyle footage? Do they work out of their house or do they have offices? Do they have decades worth of experience in business in Bozeman or did they just blow into town? If you want reliable video production, then Sly Dog Production is the answer.

Here is a simple way to ensure you have a legal aerial video provider: ASK THEM FOR THEIR DRONE INSURANCE.​ Insurance companies will not provide commercial coverage for businesses or individuals that do not have a Part 107 or FAA 333 exemption.

Highest Quality Equipment

We make 4k resolution video of anything, anywhere in the country with licensed music tracks, voice overs and aerial shots. We invest heavily in the best technology available like video drones with cameras offering high-end M4/3 processors that produce superior quality aerial footage. We own all of our own equipment and have studios located off North 19th Street in Bozeman. We even own portable generators for use on remote jobs which is critical if you are filming in places without power as drone batteries need regular recharging.

Fast Turnaround

Thanks to our major investment in computers containing Intel i7 chips hyper-threading technology, Nvidia GeForce graphic cards and over 128 GB of DDR4 RAM, we can process videos in one-third the time it takes on a standard desktop, which is huge when all your video is 4k resolution or ultra-HD.

All The Resources In-House

We have complete in-house video, voice and sound editing capabilities, and a green screen along with photo editing. We don’t rely upon subcontracted labor that can delay video production projects.


We carry $2 million in liability insurance on each of our video drones because we film for the California State University system. This is huge and an important difference between Sly Dog Production and many of our competitors, some of whom carry no insurance. Why get hung out to dry?


We already work for big players in the industry like the California State University system, ReMax, Berkshire Hathaway, Christie’s and others. Take a look at our customer recommendations page and you will quickly see why we are a highly trusted resource for quality video and drone services.